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If you’ve landed here looking for an online casino experience like no other, then welcome to Play Croco Aussie Casino

We started out as a humble online casino in the Land of PlayCroco. Since then we’ve become a highly popular provider of world-class pokies and table games, thanks to that radical reptile mascot Croco and our loyal members. 

Now Play Croco Aussie Casino is known as the home of edge of your seat online gaming. With fast bonus offers, fast customer service and even faster jackpot payouts. So you better be quick if you want a piece of the action. Those pokies aren’t going to play themselves.

Simply visit Play Croco Aussie Casino today and start your journey as a teensy BabyCroco then progress up the ranks in our loyalty rewards system. Before you know it, you’ll be taking names, cashing cheques and walking away with exclusive members only rewards. 

But the good times don’t stop there. Read on to learn all about the online casino that’s got tongues wagging in billabongs all over Oz. Just don’t forget to pick up your Welcome Bonus upon joining.

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Play croco Slot Machines

Casino host with the most

You’ve probably seen our host around the traps. He’s a lean green betting machine and he goes by the name of Croco. 

Croco has been with us since the very beginning. In fact, you could say he pulled us out of the swamp and turned us into a worldwide sensation. You’ll surely recognise him around Play Croco Aussie Casino. He’s the only crocodile repping cool shades and throwing back CrocoBoost shakes

If you see him, don’t forget to show him some love. Croco is a reptile of the people after all and he wants to make sure you’re all being looked after. From bonus offers to customer support and special promotions, Croco is the host with the most. 

Highly creative loyalty rewards program​

pcac loyalty

At Play Croco Aussie Casino, our mascot Croco values loyalty above all else. That’s why he’s so keen on giving back to the members that choose to play with us.

For any other online casino, this would mean simply dolling out loyalty bonuses. But Play Croco Aussie Casino isn’t just “any other online casino”. We do things a little differently around these parts. In that way we’re kinda like a crocodile in a pool full of alligators. The odd one out but more than comfortable in our uniqueness.

So for our loyalty rewards program, we’ve strapped on our thinking caps and gotten creative. What we came up with is a system that has you progressing from stage to stage and earning additional perks and prizes as you climb higher on the ladder.

This system has you starting as a cute but bitey BabyCroco. You then move on to JuniorCroco and SuperCroco status, before eventually reaching the top of the food chain as a RoyalCroco member. 

Each stage or tier comes with its own goodies, but clearly RoyalCroco is where the best bonuses live. Getting there is easier than you think too. All it takes is a bit of dedication. Before you know it, you’ll be getting hand fed plump grapes by the Play Croco Aussie Casino team whilst reclining on a plush purple throne*.

*May or may not be true… but at least you’ll score some killer perks.

200% up to $5,000 welcome bonus

A handshake, a high claw, a hug or a salute are all acceptable ways to say welcome to someone. To make sure that you instantly feel like part of the Play Croco Aussie Casino family though, we choose to welcome you with a considerable bonus.

Called (rather fittingly) our Welcome Bonus, this red-carpet reward consists of a 200% up to $5,000 bonus plus a $50 freebie that you can claim upon entering the Land of PlayCroco. With any luck it will put a spring in your step. It may even lead to your first jackpot win! 

In any case, this Welcome Bonus is our way of saying thanks for joining Play Croco Aussie Casino. We can’t wait to have you spinning, winning and grinning on our pokies and table games.

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Play Croco best games

Over 200 cutting edge casino games

Sharpen your claws and give your teeth a good seeing to with a crocodile-sized toothbrush. You’ve got over 200 cutting edge casino games to tear into when you join Play Croco Aussie Casino.

From popular pokies that pack a punch such as Cash Bandits 2, Vegas Lux and Achilles, to table games for toothy members that love shuffling cards and rolling dice. We have video poker, blackjack, pontoon and rummy. There’s a title for all tastes, games for every guy and gal.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Gather your gear and set course for Play Croco Aussie Casino. The definitive platform for betting on state-of-the-art online offerings. We won’t let you down!

Legendary customer support team

Play croco casino support

The term legendary gets throw around a lot, but it’s probably the most fitting way to describe the Play Croco Aussie Casino customer support team.

They’ll give you the shirt off their back, let you have the first sip of their CrocoBoost shake and always return your car with a full tank of petty. What’s more, they’ll pull all-nighters if it means solving your problem or any problem for that matter. But why are they so damn good at their job exactly? 

Well, we put them through their paces before joining the squad. First, they must solve a Rubik’s Cube while submerged in Play Croco lake. Then they’ve got to find a hidden bonus code on a needle that’s in a hay stack. The final (and smelliest) test has them brushing Croco’s teeth. Why? No reason really. Croco just needs a little help in that department.

After it’s all said and done, we’re left with the best of the best. So don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you have questions, comments or just need a coupon code to get ahead. The Play Croco Aussie Casino customer support team will be thrilled to lend a helping claw.

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